Apple Music

Switching to Apple Music

May 18, 2018

Even though I’ve been an all Apple guy for awhile I primarily used Google Play Music as my streaming service of choice. The main reason was because I got ad free YouTube plus a music streaming service. It was a big win for me and my family.

I primarily play music in my car and at work. I’m stuck in the early 2000 punk rock genre. MXPX, Pennywise, etc are some of my favorite bands. I can’t stand what’s on the radio but I put up with it cause literally everyone I know listens to pop music.

So Why Am I Swirching To Apple Music?

I mentioned the main reason I use Google a Play Music was because of YouTube. Well, since Google announced their main focus would be AI my suggestions which was the main reason that I used YouTube became useless to me. For example, I really want an emulation machine to play old games. I’ve watched close to 20-30 videos about emulation machines in the last month. Below is what I see. Zero emulator console suggestions.

The second reason is my kids are hooked on YouTube. I really hope (even though I highly doubt it) that ads will slow them down from watching so much YouTube.

The third reason is because Google has just launched YouTube Premium and YouTube Music. While they claim they are keeping Google Play Music I highly doubt it. I’ve worked on my punk playlist for a few years now and need a more reliable service. I’ve been burned quite a few times by Googles products.

I have enjoyed being a Google Play subscriber for the last few years but I use everything Apple and it just makes a lot more sense if  I just go 100% in.