Two Years With The Apple Watch

July 14, 2018

I wanted to write this post for a long time but never got to it until now. The Apple Watch is a very special gadget for me. I’ve heard tech pundits try to categorize the Apple Watch from day one. The Apple Watch is this or that but not good at this, but I think the masses miss the mark with the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is an extension not a category of something. The Apple Watch is whatever you make of it.

I’m no stranger of smart watches. I’ve owned a total of 3 Android wear watches. The Galaxy Gear, Moto 360 (1st gen), and the Zendwatch 2 from Asus. The longest I’ve used any one of them was 6 months. Shitty Battery, crappy build or OS issues caused me to stop using those devices. The Zenwatch 2 actually gave me a rash.

Why Do I Love Smart Watches?

Notifications. I live a very busy life. I also get a ton of notifications. I can’t stress how free I feel by not having to take my phone out of my pocket every time it rings. Or the fact it’s hard to miss a text or phone call when the message goes to my wrist.

What I like about the Apple Watch

The most amazing feature of the Apple Watch is that I don’t know that it’s on half the time. I have the aluminum space grey series 1 42mm (the big one). The second is the ecosystem. My watch is my hub for notifications but it’s also my Apple TV remote and my music/podcast controller thanks to the playing now feature that recognizes when you have something playing on your phone and immediately shows music controls. Last but not least I love th fact it’s getting updated. Every year Apple puts a ton of thought into WatchOS updates. So far the updates have been for the rest.

What I don’t like about th Apple Watch

Nothing. Naw I’m just kidding. 2 features that Android wear had I wish the Apple Watch had was always on display and location unlock. When I’m at my home I want my watch unlocked. Another feature i feel the Apple Watch lacked but is getting fixed in the next update was webview. Having to check my phone go the whole email sometimes killed th experience but Apple is fixing it.

After two years my Apple Watch looks brand spanking new. I’ve hit countless doorknobs, I’ve worn it while excersizing, swimming, washing my car and countless other activities. I even mow my lawn while wearing it. I only tak my Apple Watch off while I sleep. My wife wears hers almost 24 hours a day. She charges hers while she takes a shower.

So far two years in I’m really happy with my Apple Watch. I don’t see myself upgrading until either I break this one or they come out with a much bigger one.